The Day To Day Role Of A Child Entertainer

The Art Of Being A Party Performer

Are you throwing a party for your little one this year? Booking a professional entertainer is guaranteed to put a smile on the little ones faces.

All parents love to watch their child’s face beam on their birthday, and throwing a party allows them to be the centre of attention as they have fun with friends and blow out the candles on their cake. But not all mums and dads have the necessary skills or stamina to be able to entertain a gang of little ones for 2 to 3 hours, which is why hiring a child entertainer is such a popular choice. The entertainer will turn up at your choice of venue, take over the hosting of the party and guarantee that all the kids go home happy and with a lot less energy than they started with. Entertainers are multiskilled and carry out hours of prep work before an event. Let’s take a look at some of their daily tasks.

The Art Of Entertainment

Children like to see a show, so the best entertainers are often armed with tricks up their sleeves such as the ability to perform magic, model balloons into different shapes, or put on a puppet show. Perfecting this type of craft takes time and a lot of practice but the benefit to this type of work is that entertainers can rehearse in the comfort of their home until their skills are up to speed.

Sourcing And Stocking

A local children’s entertainer Kent team explains that party packages can feature exciting kits such as popcorn machines, bubble and snow machines, and of course plenty of disco lighting. All of this equipment needs to be in tip-top repair, so entertainers need to spend time sourcing the best kit for their party gigs and making sure that it is fully maintained and raring to go before the next appointment.

A party wouldn’t be a party without some traditional kids’ games, so entertainers also need to be equipped with an arsenal of party prizes that are age-appropriate. Buying in bulk from a party supplier is a good cost-saving strategy here.

Admin Work

When you think about the role of a children’s entertainer, you might think about their high-spirited and enthusiastic personality which is essential for the role. But as with any job, there are some basic admin tasks to take care of. Party entertainers need to answer email and phone queries, take bookings for their next event and handle invoices. They also need to be great at marketing – although many may land a lot of work simply through word of mouth, others will rely on social media, flyers and website advertising to help spread the word about their party packages.

Keeping Up With The Trends

Party entertainers need to keep up with the times – not only do kids want to hear the most popular, current tunes at their party discos, they’ll also expect the entertainer to know as much as they do about the latest trends, whether that be understanding that fidget spinners are now out of fashion, to knowing the most recent viral dance crazes such as the Triangle.

By far the most important part of being a party entertainer is personality – those that obviously love their job will shine with enthusiasm, which the kids will feed off. Happy kids mean happy parents, which ultimately means free marketing about a successful party experience!